Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Disney activists

It is increasingly common that each of us is bombarded by propaganda in emails and Facebook.
The Disney activists, that is the defenders of cute and charismatic animals create videos telling us to wake up, that we are the most cruel, pitiless, nefarious and odious creature that has ever existed and that because of us the Earth and the other animals are suffering.
They forward us videos of dogs that fraternize with dolphins, pigs that are friends of goats, monkeys that save their companions. Charismatic animals assault our senses every day. And with them comes the propaganda.
Meat is Murder.
Go Vegan.
How can you eat animals and say you love them?
Our species is part of nature and our behavior, even when it is aberrant is the result of millions of years of evolution. We are apes like the others, with a few more tools.
Regardless of propaganda the other species are in no way better than us.
India declared that the dolphins are “non-human people” and that from now on they will be protected by law. Fantastic. Wonderful. Magnificent idea. Considering that it is quite common that groups of male dolphins isolate a female and prevent her from feeding until she agrees to have sex with the group I hope that now female dolphins can complain to the police. However considering the way that India handles the problems of sexual abuse I wonder if the complain of the female dolphins will be treated any better than the complaints of human females. Can the crossed dolphins complain to the police when members of a bigger and heavier species of dolphin like the bottlenose dolphin attack and kill members of their family group for no other reason than the satisfaction of killing?
And what about the chimpanzees? Shouldn’t we throw them in in jail for hunting more and with more efficiency than lions?
Yes, there are loving animals, but these loving animals exist because our species has created conditions for that to happen.
One of the videos that ran the Internet some time ago was that of a dog every day went to the harbor and swam alongside a dolphin. No one stopped to think that this is only possible because our species has created conditions for that to happen. On the one hand we have a fishing port and fishermen who throw away the fish they can’t sell, creating a wonderful opportunity for an opportunistic dolphin. On the other hand our communities almost always have dogs. It was inevitable that the two animals crossed their paths. Both belong to predatory and social species, like us. And each of them to see show humans relate to the other and came to the conclusion that the other was not a threat and could eventually become a pack member.
What about people that embrace tigers, pigs that travel side by side with deer, ducks that feed fish?
All this is because our species has created conditions for that to happen. In the human environment, animals of different species are exposed to each other from an early age and that creates a binding phenomenon in which the other is recognized as a member of the group, not prey. Moreover animals, including human animals, mimic the behavior of the pack leaders. If the leader plays with a strange creature and even feeds it, the other pack members accept the creature as one of them.
A world of which we didn't belong would be infinitely more brutal. Yes, we are a predatory species but thanks to us an animal like sheep, goats, cows have a much calmer life and relaxed life than they would have in the wild. And also live longer.
But the Disney activists prefer to ignore all of that. They make sanctuaries for animals and roar against industrial food production and the killing of animals for food. Quite often this creates one of three possible phenomena.
1 Their sanctuaries are only for animals that are prey. No dogs, cats, ferrets or anything that eats meat is allowed, regardless of how much those animals need protection and sanctuary.
2 They accept predators (cats, dogs.., other animals that eat meat) and feed them industrial animal food and due to cognitive dissonance don’t even realize that the same animal food that they feed to their pets is a byproduct of the industrial food production that they hate.
3 The third phenomena is fortunately very rare. It is a demonstration of absolute lunacy and pitiless cruelty. I didn’t believe it was possible until someone that I trust confirmed it. They pick the predators and feed them vegan food. And then they don’t understand why they develop so many health and behavior problems. One they those clueless people will wake up with their throats being ripped apart by a tormented, famished and led to madness Chihuahua.
Yes. The food industry is cruel. It is however less cruel than what the rest of Nature does. Bears are cute but they don’t bother to check if you’re really dead before starting to eat you. Neither do hyenas, pigs, ants, rats, cats, dogs (and yes, I mean domestic cats and dogs).
And if the Disney activists really want to do something to change the way things are, they have to take a long, cold, hard look at reality (not fluffy delusions) stop trying to put the blame on other people, and lead by example not by shouting on social media.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Sexual Magic - What you never thought about asking

Sexual Magic uses the power of sex to create change in the world, according to the will of the officiants.

Contrary to what many think it  is one of the most difficult practices (but also one of  the most rewarding) that can be performed.

Despite what is indicated by a number of "experts" mentioning (without having read or understood) the Illuminates of Thanateros or the work of Paschal Beverly Randolph, sexual magic is not just concentrating on a target during the moment of orgasm, unless that one is working solo. And even solo work requires more than that. Otherwise, every teenager (boy or girl) who masturbates 4 times a day as they think of their favorite star, would have sex with said star or at least with someone that looks like him/her and is available. We've all been teenagers. Do I need to say more?
In fact, this kind of magical operation, like all magical operations to have success requires a lot of serious and careful previous work.

That being said, I will present a list of all the requirements and details which I think are important for a successful operation, with no regrets.

1 - Define exactly what you will do.
Are you going to work alone or with someone else?
If you’re going to work with other people, how many  will be involved?
With retention of orgasm, with orgasm, or orgasm as an offering to an Entity?
Will some of the players take the role of (or incorporate) an Entity? How to act if the Entity decides not to participate?
Sex. Vaginal, oral, anal, or a combo?

2 - Precautions
We are talking about sex. This requires care to avoid unwanted pregnancies and / or transmission of venereal diseases. Anyone who is stupid enough not to consider prophylactic care is too stupid to practice magic. There are also required magical precautions to avoid being parasitized by creatures like incubus, succubus, or any other type of vampiric entity, incarnate or not.

3 - Accessories
I'm not talking about dildos. Candles, torches, incense, should be at a safe distance and properly fixed to ensure that there are no accidents. If the operation is performed on an altar, you should have minimal protections to ensure that people realize if they’re close to the edge  and avoid falling. I suggest a plastic cover on the altar cloth in case of anal sex. The mixture of sperm, lubricant and the occasional fecal matter creates stains very hard to remove.

4 - Food & beverage
Before, during or after, the officiants can share food and drink. Please respect the restrictions that some people may have. Confirm if anyone has any food allergies. With the impressive amount of recovering alcoholics and drug addicts there are, it is criminal to mix alcohol or any other type of intoxicants  in candy, juice or other products without previously informing all participants. Do not assume that people know. Many are ashamed to admit an addiction. ASK. Or simply avoid the use of such intoxicants.

5 - Energy work
The last time I discussed this, a lady interrupted me in a deeply rude way and said I was stupid. She offered the act of love to the Goddess and nothing more was needed. To use a euphemism, I will say that the lady was distraught when I clarified that offering the act of love to the Goddess is a devotional religious practice and not a magic act, although it can be inserted into a magical practice.
Even when you want nothing more than to give a show to the Gods, I strongly advise you to practice energy work. It increases the intensity and draws attention of the entities in a way that nothing else can. For those who intend to use the energy of orgasm for the implementation of a project, energy work enhances this energy, harmonizes practitioners, facilitates concentration, enhances the pleasure and feeds the magic.

6 - Concentration
Imagine you are in the act, moving in harmony with the other (or others) person (s). Simultaneously you’re chanting a mantra, circulating your energy together with the other person and focusing on your goal. Does it seem difficult? It is.  Yes I know that any practitioner of magic with minimal practice can concentrate more and better than most people. That may not be sufficient. I will make a suggestion that may seem ridiculous, but it is extremely practical. I suggest that the officiants have dance classes. Seriously !
Think of it as a magic workout. Anyone that can focus on a difficult thing as a rumba or tango and simultaneously circulate it’s energy together with his / her partner (s), is ready to perform sexual magic.

7 Some male problems
a) How to retain orgasm.
The most widely known technique is the contraction  of pubococcygeus muscle, supplemented with or without pressure on the perineum. Not a bad technique, but I suggest you practice another technique, which although more difficult is more effective and does not have any of the problems that this can place.
Before the ejaculation, the testicles are pulled up by a set of muscles. Some Chinese schools advise men that when they feel the approach of orgasm they should gently pull the testicles down. Personally I think it is better to train to identify the abdomen muscles that pull the testicles up and relax them consciously. With practice, the balls fall down and remain down for the entire duration of the sexual act.
b) Erection.
You trained and memorized all the ritual, the energy is stirring  within you  like an immense dragon, you face a woman (or man) absolutely fascinating, the fateful hour is approaching and suddenly ... the willie decides it's time for a nap.
Relax. Don’t do a drama.
But to avoid such situations, once again I advise for previous solo training.
During a period of 6 to 12 weeks before the date of the ritual, preferably at the same time, isolate and caress yourself  until you have an erection. Take a deep breath, do a ritual gesture and say a specific  word / phrase. Repeat the process. Repeat it several  times. After a few weeks of training, doing the  gesture  with the word or phrase causes an erection. This is one of the few times that I  advise the gesture + phrase to be complex to avoid any problems or constraints. What kind of constraints? Imagine that  you associated the erection with the word toes. One day you’re dining at friend's house and his wife asks "More potaTOES? "- I leave the rest to your imagination.

8 - Keep calm and develop a sense of humor.
There are always unexpected and embarrassing situations. If the gentleman relax the muscles and inadvertently releases gas, if the ladies private parts start a symphony, if a spider drops  from the ceiling and lands on the head of one of you, smile and ignore.

9 - And after the ritual?
Remember that you and the other person(s) are only human.
That beam of light made flesh whose energy shatters the fears and sufferings, after practice returns to being just a man, that needs to pee and that if he is all day over his feet will smell of toe cheese. That Goddess whose words create the strings of fate, after practice becomes a woman who may have bad breath in the morning and hot flashes twice a day.

We are only human beings, even when we’re  occasionally Gods.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

To curse, or not.

In the North of Portugal two female students beated up a teacher that suffers from cancer and pulled the hair from her head.
I am going to repeat this : In the North of Portugal two female students beated up a teacher that suffers from cancer and pulled the hair from her head.

Lots of bad things are happening this year,  terrorist attacks and ecological disasters among others. Nothing has disturbed me so much as this news. And regardless of what people might think this is also terrorism and a disaster. It starts with these "small" things and before you know it you have a piece of shit  opening fire over a crowd, or convincing others to blow themselves up in the name of the greater good (always others because this kind of cowards doesn't risk their own bacon).

I am seriously considering doing something that I don't usually do.
To curse them. To have them feel the fear, despair, impotence that the teacher felt.

Monday, 11 April 2016


I have been feeling lately that my life is a pressure cooker and that I am the one being cooked. It was hard to stop and have some clarity, to define some purpose besides  trying to survive another day.
So... I am going to increase the pressure.
My magical objectives for the the next two months are :
1 - A new house.
2 - More money. And by more money I mean 750 to 1000 Euros more each month
3 - More time. Time to rest and enjoy life a bit more.

How am I going to do this ?
 1 - I'll contact two public "servitors" (Godesses/Gods, I hate that word) Loxgom and Skavan to help me out.
2 - I'll make three specific thought forms to help me with each one of my objectives.
3 - Candle magic
4 - Energy work
5 - Requesting the help off the spirits that usually help me out. Offerings.
6 - Petitions to the Gods/Godesses that I usually work with. Offerings.
7 - Mantras

This much work may seem like overkill to some, but when working magic I try to have it covered from all angles.
Of course while I do that I'll also be looking/searching for a new house, cheap, and checking for well paid extra work. Perhaps even some magical work.

Update : Skavan refuses to work with me on this. That was a surprise.  It seems I've been burning too many bridges lately.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016


And just when I thought that I had everything figured out life happened and I had to reinvent myself again.
And here I am today, an old man, a sorcerer, starting life and the path of magic from scratch. And I have to challenge myself, so regardless of whatever happens from now until the end of the year, I'll post about magic at least once a week.